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Our philosophy has always been to complete a high-end conversion and have a happy customer at the end.

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No matter how well thought out and planned a job is, our customers will come up with new and exciting ideas once they see the blank canvas of their rooms. They often ask us to modify the build to match their new ideas and requirements.

As the build progresses we always try to accommodate our customers, as the finished product is going to be part of their home for many years to come, and we want them to enjoy it for the rest of the time they live there.

To make sure our customers can control the budget of their renovation, we will go through several versions of quotations until all the details are correct, agreed, and everything is documented. Then we can write up a contract that guarantees the price will be fixed to deliver the works set out in the quotation. If the customer decides to add extra work such as built in shelves, tiling, tv brackets, etc. after the work has started, we will agree a price for these extra items and document the costs to make sure everyone is in agreement.

The workers arriving at your house to complete the renovation work have been selected because they have the qualities that back up our philosophy. They must be respectful, reliable, honest, friendly, approachable, hard working, and complete their work to a high standard.

James Robison

I started my career in the building industry working on house renovations as a subcontractor for general building companies. I really enjoyed the challenge of loft and basement conversions and the transformation that takes place which is why I pursued this path when I decided to start my own building company in 2006. My goal was to approach things from a customer's perspective as it seemed like most of the people I was interacting with had a low opinion of builders as a result of bad experiences in the past. I wanted to show my customers we had a different approach - that we were trustworthy, reliable, and honest - at the same time as delivering high-quality finishes on schedule with friendly, approachable, and respectful workers.

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Our Philosophy.

Our philosophy has always been to complete a high-end conversion and have a happy customer at the end. To deliver this on all our projects we provide all our customers with a schedule of works; written contract; fixtures and fittings details; a fixed price guarantee; written payment schedule with no deposit required and payments are only due once a certain stage has been reached; and a project manager to oversee the standard of work and discuss all aspects of the build with you. The project manager will visit the job on a weekly basis to check the quality of the work and make sure the finish is of a high standard. All our work is registered with a building inspector and will meet building regulations with a completion certificate.

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  • Trustworthiness

    Trust is something you earn and key to a good working relationship. It's the reason why we provide: a fixed price guarantee, a no deposit plan, a written payment schedule, 5% retention at completion, and respectful polite workers.

  • High Quality

    All our work is inspected and signed off by a building inspector. To ensure the highest standards are met, all our work is checked on a weekly basis by our project manager who oversees all projects.

  • Professional

    We do things differently, our approach is to change people's perceptions of builders by providing a professional service right from our first meeting through to completion and beyond.

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